About the Snee Group

The Snee Group was going to be a parody of a corporate web site that Bob DuCharme and his brother Peter (a.k.a. The Master Cylinder) never had time to properly finish. ("The Snee Group: When Rightsizing Isn't Enough.") The name was inspired by Dr. Seuss's On Beyond Zebra, for which Seuss made up 26 letters after "Z," including Snee. (Back when the artist currently known as Prince was known as "the artist formerly known as Prince," the glyph he used to express this mouthful clearly showed a strong "On Beyond Zebra" influence.) The beauty of the name "The Snee Group" is the ready made logo. It even has its own Unicode code point: U+E637.

When Bob and Peter wanted a short, easy-to-spell domain name where the dot com wasn't taken, they used snee. It turns out that it's a Dutch surname, so they get mail from snees asking about it. Some people say "Snee! Like in Peter Pan!" but actually that's Mr. Smee. See The World of Snee for more.

2006-05-13 Eus Ferdinand writes (after finding The Operating Systems Handbook while doing some research on VM):

snee is not only a dutch surname. Actually, if you would ask somebody in this country what a snee was, you would at least be treated suspiciously.

Cut: Among other things, a cut is something that has a line shape as a result of an action with let's say a knife. If you cut yourself in your hand with a knife, you have "a cut in your hand". If you say "I have a cut in my hand" in Dutch you would say "Ik heb een snee in mijn hand". But if you actually say this, it means is that you must have your hand in a woman's underwear. In Dutch the street-word for vagina is "kut", which should at least sound familiair to you. The word "kut" is very frequently used. We use this word for quality purposes as well: kut-film (cut-film (not film cut which is something else)), kut-ding (cut-thing), kut-school (cut-school). But when the English mean a kut they will not say "cut" but "cunt". I'm pretty sure that snee.com is frequently checked by triple-x companies in The Netherlands. So, a kut is a snee which is a cut. Fascinating.......

I've heard that people in the porn industry pay big money for domain names—deze domeinnaam is te koop! I'm happy to accept euros.

See also The World of Snee.