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These fantastic 2-inch tall figures feature 14 points of articulation and a variety of accessories from the classic Star Trek franchise. All your favorites are here in colorful, amusing, diminutive form. They're worlds of fun to play with and almost as exciting when staring back at you from your desk or mantle. Make it so! This Series 3 case of twelve 2-packs includes (subject to change): 4x "Space Seed" Khan and Dress Uniform Kirk 4x Gladiator Kirk and Kor the Klingon 3x Ambassador Sarek and Dress Uniform Spock 1x "Spock's Brain" Spock and Sarek. details

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In "Amok Time," one of Star Trek's most memorable episodes, Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock face off in a duel to the death! Sculpted in amazing detail, the likenesses in this set of 2 action figures are astounding! Each collectible contains 20 points of articulation and includes battle-ready accessories. 6" tall. details

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Captain Jean-Luc Picard, his ship repaired, must now reassemble his crew. With the departure of both William Riker and ship's counsellor Deannna Troi, the captain must replace his two most trusted advisors. He chooses a Vulcan, a logical choice, and for his new first officer, Worf. But the Klingon refuses the promotion and the new ship's counsellor appears to actively dislike Worf. A simple shake-down mission should settle everything. Except that once again, the captain hears the song of the Borg collective. Admiral Janeway is convinced that the Borg have been crushed and are no longer a threat. Picard believes she is wrong, and that if the Enterprise doesn't act the entire Federation will be under the domination of its most oppressive enemy. Paperback. details

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This framed display piece measures 10-inches tall x 8-inches wide and features a large image of Nurse Chapel, Captain Kirk, Ensign Chekov, and Dr. McCoy as they look toward the future. Surrounding this captivating picture are 10 hand-picked film cells taken straight from the TV series. A limited edition of 1,000 pieces, this remarkable item will give your room or office the real look and feel of Star Trek. You'll be psyched up to take on Kahn, Klingons, or even the odd Romulan or two! Note: Film-strip photo is an example of what the film cells will look like; every set is unique. details

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Phaser Gun from Star Trek original series. details

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You'll flip for this authentic-looking, 3-D, fully functional USS Enterprise NCC-1701 that actually flies! Made of durable foam, this iconic starship is ready to take to the sky under your control. It features the first-ever touch-control controller designed to look like the communicator from the original series. Flip open the communicator with authentic sounds, move your finger across the touch pad, and off you go! Plug the vehicle into the charger that looks like the tricorder from the initial Star Trek series, and in 15 minutes, you're ready to soar again! details

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This shirt features all of your favorite Star Trek crew members from the original animated Star Trek series. details

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Cute furry robotic creatures that shake and quail when disturbed. Two sizes, large (about 12" in diameter) and small (6" in diameter) in random shades of black, brown and grey. Guaranteed to have a calming effect on most humanoids. (Sorry, but tribbles seem to have an adverse effect on Klingons.) details

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