RDF Data

This is a list of stores of RDF data available on the web. Please add comments, corrections, and new entries to the RDFData wiki, and eventually they'll be reflected here. I'm more interested in larger files than smaller files, which is why this has no links to individual FOAF files or RSS feeds.

For a huge list of RDF resources other than data (for example, specs, papers, and libraries of code), see Dave Beckett's Resource Description Framework (RDF) Resource Guide.

Bob DuCharme
last edited: 2004-09-03


FOAFWiki list of FOAF files

An RDF Harvester Starting Point with pointers mostly to FOAF data

SWAD-Europe 2003 collections of FOAF entries by group membership


(I'd really like to find more to add here...)

Monkeyfist's archive of RSS 1.0 items

(non-RSS) Document Metadata

RDF of metadata supplied with web versions of NY Times articles


Mutopia project (like the Gutenberg project, but for sheet music)

musicbrainz metadata about albums

Reference Works

WordNet 1.6 as RDF

Stanford TAP knowledge base includes RDF on places, musicians, organizations, athletes, and products (bottom of page)

DMOZ Open Directory RDF dump

2001 CIA World Fact Book in DAML

Life sciences data (background here) including a database of proteins from the UnitProt catalog. (See also Dave Beckett's experiences parsing it).

File Metadata

Bitzi catalog of files on the web 2001-11-19 RDF dumps

RDF Dump of rpmfind data (although the crucial links in step 2 seem to be broken)


Metadata about W3C technical reports

Metadata about W3C technical reports and other files


2002-08 Survey of RDF data on the web

Jesús Barrasa Rodríguez collection of several RDF data sets