Watching Page onstage with them is fun (notes below) but watching deez Bahston guyz planning it out with him beforehand is priceless.


  • Brad Whitford was a better guitar player than I remembered
  • For that matter, so was Joe Perry
  • I see a lot more James Brown in Steven Tyler's stage persona than I remembered
  • At 6:34 I love how they're all playing the G tonic and Page keeps going to the F chord for that G11th effect, which I think was something that began with Townshend.

If You Close Your Eyes..

| No Comments | No TrackBacks'll be sitting in front of The Beverly Hillbillies with you eyes closed.

Then look at the band. What's wrong with Getz's shirt? Let me count the ways. Of course, we have to give him a huge benefit of the doubt because it looks like a Brazilian TV show, so if they had him down there for it, he must have been doing something that they loved.

Look who covered what

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I don't believe you've ever had the live Bruce Juice experience, right? If you see this video, you'll never want to, although it would be hard for him to pick a hipper cover.

Ray Davies' trashing of Revolver, right after it came out. Don't miss the isolated "Tomorrow Never Knows" tracks at the end, especially the tape loops and the forward guitar solo.


It all comes together. More at Dangerous Minds.


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