TAG Articles

Before XML existed, TAG was the only publication devoted exclusively to SGML. I started a regular column on XML in TAG several months before XML became a W3C Recommendation.

May 1999

RDF: Adding Structure to the Web

April 1999

Alternatives to XML DTDs: Four Proposals

March 1999

If Not DTDs, Then What?

February 1999

XML and the Palm Pilot

January 1999

Processing XML with Python

December 1998

Markup Technologies '98

November 1998

Automating SGML-to-XML DTD Conversion (Part 2)

October 1998

Automating SGML-to-XML DTD Conversion (Part 1)

September 1998

SGML Revisions and XML

August 1998

(issue skipped)

July 1998

SGML: Changing to Accomodate XML

June 1998

The Document Object Model

May 1998

XML Developers' Day

April 1998

Standalone Documents

March 1998

"XML Principles, Tools, and Techniques": a review

February 1998

An XML Glossary

January 1998

XML, XLL, and XSL: Current Status, Next

December 1997

XML: Leading SGML Beyond Publishing